Reiki Healing Tips In Hindi


Try to understand it for it is connected with your current situation. Still, there have been little victories along the way, and cameras have been there to capture the hilarity. An acute uneasiness or apprehension: everything seems to go wrong. Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Being myself allows the wholeness of my unique magnificence to draw me in those directions most beneficial to me and to all others. Healing crisis mark the body’s transition from the point of dis-ease to the point of better-ease. Mistakes and pain of the past and the potential worries of the future. Disharmony in this chakra causes the difficulty in expressing feelings. Read these 10 reiki energy healing tips tips to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser.

reiki healing tips
reiki healing tips

 some people feel as though they are floating & free from all restraints, while others see vibrant colours & become aware of where the energy is working in their body. Planes of being healing, lungs breath prana, sense of time ,. Whatever it is, i find it beneficial. Reiki iii is the master/teacher's degree. Yoga studio satya is a welcoming community for beginning and experienced yogis in colorado springs. Professional—and presumably knowledgeable—healers, the strong desire on the. It’s super helpful if people can do hydrating, healing masks or clarifying masks once or twice a week. I can help clear the energy around your personal and professional life. So that through empathy a connection is made and then through shamanism the energies are cleared and released. Reiki helps in balancing the body system and helps people to cope with several different health conditions including.

reiki healing tips
reiki healing tips

Last year his kidney values were too high and we had to start medication. Rose quartz helps to open your heart and mind to unconditional love. Man can also benefit from this symbol, as it helps to open their nurturing, creative healing nature. * the truth about the most common reiki myths. It was a pile of shite and nothing happened.

reiki healing tips
reiki healing tips

“be impeccable with your word…your word is the power that you have to create…it is through the word that you manifest everything,” writes don miguel ruiz in the four agreements. It's a profound truth that what was being accomplished in the torture equates to the human sacrifice rituals of the mayans and other cultures. So acupuncture treatment resumed with the right thumb. You seek healing from holistic sources; yoga, reiki, meditation, music, art and spirit. Best healing crystals and essential oils to use for strengthening or opening your heart chakra include: rose quartz, clear quartz, carnelian, jade, kyanite, rose, geranium, ylang ylang, jasmine and bergamot. Most of the reasons are based on weak faith, disobedience to religion, and falling into sin. Reiki ii — addresses emotional, mental and karmic imbalances, directs healing of others and also distant (absent) healing of others with the use of 3 symbols.

reiki healing tips
reiki healing tips

“kate’s insightful questions supported me to look in the dark corners, to track my process and find a way out of conflict and into clarity. Whether you’re an actual practitioner yet, or have an interest in knowing more about reiki, please continue your learning and your journey of personal well-being. Martin and other path foundation therapists working with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Or off healing technique, uses no pressure and is ideal for everyone. Misaki is on a quest to rescue women captured by a demon and then taken to onigashima island. Tensing up and need to relax. Usui emphasized the importance of principled lifestyle, and offered his students precepts to guide their behavior and demeanor.

reiki healing tips
reiki healing tips

Stop hiding who you are …. A form of vow or dedication to a particular belief system. This results in erratic behaviour of chakras and culmination in dis-ease. Reiki healing sessions, training classes and workshops. So what is an attunement. Today, i choose to be free of worry. A future event like interview, marriage, etc.

reiki healing tips
reiki healing tips

Bring your awareness through your whole body and stick to actual sensations, not thoughts. These assignments are described in the manual and cover all that is taught in the first and second level, that is reiki 1 and reiki 2. The ears have many points used in . Truth yearns for a simple turn of the head, to care and to focus. That looks and shape etc don't have any influence on the.

Misty is a psychologist, wholistic reiki healer and  certified yoga instructor receiving a masters of arts in psychology. After spending a year doing reiki healing with hayashi, takata commented: ‘most people coming to us are the aristocrats. There are 14 primary meridians and 7 chakra. Transform your life with reiki. About three days to complete. St degree reiki certificate which you will need before progressing to the 2. I used my medicine cards for this as i felt it would suit the subject at hand considering it was a more spiritual deck. As a massage therapist, it's your job to relieve the tension, cure aches and pains. Nansy is our protege stylist, meaning she is a recent cosmetology graduate and is assisting under ashley while she learns all the latest and greatest of aveda cut, color and styling techniques. Leo moon is going to want more love, acknowledgement, and theatrics than say its.

It's a practice that allows the individual to receive what they need in that moment, whether its the need to relax or to take away physical pain. This allows for more energy flow into the body of the practitioner, which is then transferred to the patient. Kriya raises awareness; and transforms thoughts into action and manifestation. To play at that time. A practitioner "balances" the energy field with her hands, using various techniques. In general terms, through our experiences with clients and students regarding this physical transformation process, we have learned that the physical body is generally very slow to heal. May wish to give thanks for being able to share and receive healing.

Reiki is a hands on healing technique that channels unlimited amounts of universal life force energy. Myofascial release is a form of bodywork that aims to free constrictions or blockages and seeks to rebalance the body by releasing tension in the fascia (connective tissue). Likewise, believers of reiki believe that the ki or, life energy force, is healing even if to a non-believer it looks like palm rubbing and gibberish. I also have a full body healing session that you can use at any time to help you heal and get better sleep. Office is primarily constructed to get over-all success and good profit thereby maintaining & controlling staff properly.

Everything bad/worst happens to me. The reiki flows from the crown down the right arm to the hand and the overflow. Reiki level 1 attunement and certification. Attainment of reiki master teacher, levels i-iii, certification. When the chili pepper was first introduced to europe in the sixteenth century, dieticians disputed whether it was hot or cold. Most schools teach that the reiki energy is. This isn't proved in a rational way and all you're given is empty promises that she doesn't know anything before hand and that her and steve don't compare notes.

In this stressful era, many parents are learning the use and implementation of reiki to help their children to focus, relax and recover from any sort of problems in their life. Another physician by the name of dr. Basically, the meditation music should not induce any mental activity. These changes are necessitated, and carried out by reiki healing tips, in order to protect you and our reiki healing tips website. • reiki works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The ayurvedic five element model of energy balancing supports this beautiful restorative and revitalizing bodywork experience. Analyst how much they paid for their certification. Her students to make notes about what she taught them. Here is one of my previous article that shed more light on disease and associated chakras. Energy flow through the meridians (energy pathways of the body). I would like to get a raise", you should write something more along the lines of ". Level two helps to send healing over distance of space and time.

  over time he will learn (the hard way) that what is perfect on the outside is often lacking within. V=koppzcqlgoo&t=3s) panel discussions, as well as your talk with lauda leon about the “. Using this touch healing technique relaxes the body. During another session, i got to the feet of a woman and smelled deep, dark, rich, black wet iowa soil. Several people praised the pressed bottle vase, which surprised me.   as i work with nearly 300 dogs a year, each is an individual needing something slightly different and of course as i work with both dogs (carnivores) and horses (herbivores), recognise there are massive pack and herd behavioural differences, which affect the way you approach an animal. You will love it when a fellow student tells you how relaxed they feel when, for the very first time, you give them a reiki session. Manner was especially fortuitous, since authoritative books on the.

You are welcome to bring your own music, oils or lotion with you to “make it your own” session. I personally had enlightening experiences with past-life regression and various forms of energy healing and spiritual guidance and wished to integrate these methods into my work as a counselor. Let the receiver’s response to reiki guide your placement of crystals.   reiki may help you become aware of the sacred space of your own being. Healing with spiritual integrity: tips for new reiki healers. Ask me how he appeared when his body seized up, when it happened most.

Our energetic body or aura is made up of thousands of chakras. Eventually i sat down with my pencils and paint and began to get my thoughts together. When you buy a homeopathic medicine for colic or teething or for the flu, do you understand that they only contain the memory of an active ingredient. We have to the extent that we accept. It may take six months to two years of training. Connecting more with your true authentic self, which wants to be happy and whole. It is important to understand the way in which reiki is presented to the public at large.

Music called the "ambient dreams" as well as several other "dream".   reiki i allows for healing on self, plants and animals. In its original japanese form in the 1900s reiki was very much about working on yourself: it was a system that you could use for self-healing, self-development and spiritual development.

Reiki Healing Tips In Hindi

It sounds really far fetched but its true you have to open yourself up to the energy.   whatever your particular reiki interest, there really is something for everyone. Perhaps it is merely a matter of faith, but if you use the teachings of the bible as it applies to jesus and his ability to heal, it is not a far fetch to comprehend the techniques of reiki as being those used by jesus. Was first introduced to reiki after a traumatic back injury 20 years. A good example to follow.

I find comfort from this quote when i find myself struggling with a relationship:. How does reiki help depression. Spaces are not used between prefixes and unit names nor between prefix symbols and unit symbols. Bad media being one of them) and exercise their. Allen says he would try to distract himself. That however, does not mean that all reiki styles are the same. As part of his training he would have been encouraged to reach a state of ‘satori’ spiritual enlightenment. Your labrador retriever can fetch your newspaper, but can he give you a pedicure. K) program to help pets in need. In order to do this i need to teach you to about sensing then aura and see the aura.

The repeated mention of this sin in medieval ecclesiastical writings leads one to wonder how widespread this practice was among the christian faithful, including the christian clergy. As the session proceeds, you will start feeling all the stress and anxiety drifting away and bringing you into a state of deep relaxation or even sleep. To whom are they talking. ” “if you are going to do something, do it right. Track of your clients is to use a client information form. It was truly a highlight in my life and one that i will never forget. For these nations, which thou shalt possess, hearkened unto observers of times, and unto diviners: but as for thee, the lord thy god hath not suffered thee so to do.  we shared lots and lots of reiki every day, and she hung on as long as she could because she was too happy to die, right up to the last night when i tucked her in and she fell asleep content with her head in my hand. The christian authorities told him that little was said about this method and little was known.

I've heard stories of flame angels that have never bothered corals for years only to begin sampling them overnight. If we become distracted and lose our place in the counting, we begin the process of counting, starting over from one.   subsequent sessions are usually one hour, but we allow healings to continue to completion instead of matching the clock. She gave numerous demonstrations, plus numerous opportunities for us, as students, to practice in a very supportive environment.   anne’s comprehensive but casual approach to teaching “the law of attraction” has changed my life forever. But it has been remarked long ago that. We eat when the clock tells us it’s time to eat.

Some of the internal factors impacting our energy system include: trauma, phobias, anxiety & stress, childhood programming, limiting beliefs, neurological, biochemical, and structural imbalances. For years my hobby was gathering with friends to do remote viewing and absent healing for others. Even if her claims are wholly unfounded, you would want and need the malpractice coverage that comes with your reiki liability insurance to see you through the legal process. Will become to the different “energy cables” that connect you with your. Each person moves in his or her own rhythm. The visualizations are in the attunement scripts in the reiki manual.

The difference between this and other types of healing in comparison with reiki treatment is that they deplete the energy of the practitioner where reiki has the complete opposite effect. In this course you will learn everything you need to know in order to practice reiki energy healing on yourself, your friends and family, your plants and pets, and anything else in your life that may need a healing touch. More of my artwork: www. I have struggle with mental/emotional problems all of my life, im 25 now. 2014 classes will be announces as the interest builds. Within me to awaken me out of my mental and emotional "stuckness". Definitely real - i also have experienced an attack-last sat night - there was definitely em energy in the room and my ears were ringing real loud. Reiki is probably best known as a complementary therapy in the form of a relaxing hands-on treatment, which has a comforting and healing effect on the body as well as on the mind and emotions.

Do reiki on yourself every day with intention. Clear out excess clutter and anything that’s old and unused to promote healthy yang energy in the home and in your body. Many individuals notice the most change from reiki therapy, the following morning.  we cannot guarantee that our kitchen or food is free from traces of any allergens. Some tips for how you can exceed your clients expectations in receiving a. It is strange the toe hurts when i treat the throat chakra. I began this journey seven years ago with many questions and doubts as to how it would effect my christian faith. It is ideal for post-surgery healing. In order to assist and heal others we must first heal ourselves. Reiki can help center you, your loved ones (including pets.

How empowering would it be to integrate the true origins of reiki. If there is a pile-up of waste matter accumulating, the immune system may decide it’s time to clean up.         the liver is one of the important organs involved in the detoxification pathway because it filters the toxic load that pulses through the body on a daily basis. Reiki is a gift that allows us to connect more deeply with who we are and to share this intimate part of ourselves with others in a loving way. Please contact me for a custom reiki drum order. Is a hands on healing system that channels energy to balance the body and mind.

Founded in japan in the early 20. Thanks again body and soul and thank you kim. Now visualise the symbols one at a time again. Please consult your medical practitioner for any questions regarding your health. And guess what one of the books happened to be--my well-worn, well-loved copy of urashima taro. - the date - in the now, or a past or future date. Energy healing is a very powerful and gentle way of working with energy.

Q)  are there any contraindications for reiki. Universal energy could also be sent back to the time when your health problem first occurred and became a problem. When you're ready, attracting new love. Are my reiki peeps, i doubt this is the case for many of you). Causes of failure to respond to antiepileptic treatment include: incorrect diagnosis (causes of epileptic seizures other than epilepsy), inadequate dosage of medication, or the cat becoming ‘resistant’ (or refractory) to the anti-epileptic effect of the drug.

Objective: to measure effects of reiki treatments on growth of heat-shocked bacteria, and to determine the influence of healing context and practitioner well-being. This is essentially a process of enlightenment (such as mikao usui received when he "re-discovered" reiki. Spikenard (nardostachys jatamansi) spikenard was very precious in ancient times, used only by kings, priests and high initiates in egyptian, hebrew, and hindu civilizations. My primary teachers are jessica c. There are christians who think that reiki. Flower essences are a part of most of the work i do and i make use of their healing properties during a distance healing session.

Wow, was that fun to watch. What you should understand is that a celebrity psychic isn’t the same thing as fake psychic :). During my global travels in the early 1980’s ,  i first discovered and expierienced kinesiology as the most effective system  for correcting the ongoing agony in my lower back . Do you want to learn how to grocery shop.   she believes that bodywork is transformative and helps a person function better, think clearer and be a better person which benefits them and their community. Cultural consequences can also affect the interpretation with red representing good luck in some asian countries. Simply be mindful of, as takata-sensei put it:. This is mostly felt when. I invite you to join me on this path together of returning to ourselves. To me, that is the true beauty of herbal medicine:  herbalists treat people, not diseases.

It was very reassuring for both me and barbara to see him drift off into a deep, relaxed sleep during the reiki sessions. Lesson 7: the sacred reiki symbols the symbols are a very special, unique and important part of reiki that help the reiki practitioner connect more effectively to the universal life force. Visualise the horse standing in front of you (or look at the horse if you are physically with it). Course material, however, will be provided only in english for the moment. 5 long term benefits of reiki stone healing that anyone can start experiencing today.

It's been hard to resist all the fun going on around me.  again, it is a process and i still find myself processing negative thoughts on a daily basis, but they are much less and almost every time i find myself having those thoughts, i use that catch-pharse you taught me so well. Know that there is more out there waiting for you to awaken. Her flows are gentle and slow yet you feel the stretch opening you physically and emotionally. When used in conjunction with recommendations from medical doctors, naturopathic doctors or psychologists, reiki may aid in the healing process of a physical or emotional injury or pain.   on the front painted in dark blue + metalic gold acrylics, is a vintage bee + traditional celtic knot design. Details of all our therapies and associated fees may be found on our fees page. At least a year was spent working for dr. Care unit, the ambulatory care unit and the fourth floor where patients.

Professional/registered reiki practitioners who meet their cpd requirements will be better placed to offer their clients the best possible care. We do not recognize any authoritarian hierarchy, but do honor those who teach, respect. Once you receive an attunement, your energy vibration or frequency will shift and intensify. The cost of a bars session is entirely up to the facilitator who gifts it to you. However, reiki is an offering. Object, person or event in love, honor and kindness. Qi —the traditional chinese term for vital energy or the life force. Everyone can benefit from receiving a distance session.

However, such non-monetary metrics have limited usefulness for evaluating policies with substantially different outcomes.    one way of looking at reiki symbols are as vibration keys or energy. To become a true master of reiki it is essential that you learn each level of reiki and come to master each level as you progress. Many people have reported less “worrying” thoughts and that their mind “calmed down”. This may be a way that we will know that we are still praying for one another. Their goal of wuji, an empty, alert, boundless state of consciousness, and xing. Studies have shown that energy healing offered by a group of people at once is stronger than by one practitioner alone.

The treatment can be performed in a seated position but i prefer to have the client lying down on the couch so that they can truly relax and let go during the massage. Usui also healed with his new power.

Reiki Self Healing Tips

Being initiated to reiki is one of many ways to prevent my family’s health and, of course, mine. I’m a much bigger fan of the approach of a highly intuitive psychologist named donna*, who is an empath. Demonstration and explanation on treating others. Was well- known and accessible for the public this had already been going on. This is an exciting style of reiki created and founded by martyn pentecost,​. Like you said, after learning/"remembering" reiki, i am no longer the same person i was before your class. Teaches three sacred symbols and their use, as well as reiki as a professional practice. Rediscover the power of play.

In fact i wrote about this principle when i first started this monthly newsletter few years ago. Thank you so much heather for the wonderful gentle way you have guided me through the reiki course. The areas impacted are associated with well-being, self-regulation, and learning. This in an amazing group of techniques that can help you to administer reiki to individuals who may be thousands of miles away, and of course each step of your development increases your spiritual growth. 5 inches in total length + rattle head widest point, 3. Hang outside on nice days and they have been in there every day.

There are no deadlines, you don’t have to be a great writer, or even know grammar particularly well. Injuries (bruises, sprains and post operation) to heal quicker. It is not confined to the whole body to deal with two inches of speed and force energy centers. This implication and argue that it is not the. At all and will work whether you believe in it. So, if you are looking to become a reiki master, look no further. It kept reiki masters honest during a time of copy write, trademark, and restriction battles. Often, a reiki practitioner will offer a session with a combination of touch and no touch. We handle complicated cases or illness – cancer, parkinson’s, phobias, and anxiety. With the opening up of this purpose in my life, my level of life underwent a drastic transformation.

Any positive emotion causes a cell to vibrate at a higher frequency and negative vibrations cause the cells to vibrate at lower frequency. Practitioners learn to focus and amplify life-force energy by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. Now here is a huge building block for self-esteem: . The chakras and the physical organs. Of course, every reiki master teacher teaches his or her courses differently.

Hands-on reiki: adapt the standard hand positions for humans to your pet. When looking for a professional practitioner, seek someone with level 2 training who is experienced beyond healing friends, family and those within their immediate social circle. I bless you and all of the healing work you do. She has always had a pain on her right side and a feeling of pulling inside her. In fact, to date there has been no hard, empirical evidence to support the very existence of this type of energy, nor these energy sources, let alone, evidence to support the idea that yoga has any affects on these so-called energy sources at all. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement. I also had a vague idea that i want to help people with my writing and with my energy work, but i didn't really have the ideas or the motivation to carry it out. Reiki healing is used for the treatment of various ailments and is also a way to reduce stress. Jaime has always loved fitness, nutrition and working with people.

To describe the physical appearance would be difficult with this particular symbol as it consists of various smaller symbols arranged vertically. As in other cam therapies, there are areas of controversy in reiki. In this article, i will present you tips and tutorials for few basic and not so basic practices with the reiki gokai – it will fit both those who just want to practice reiki healing, and for those who treat reiki as a path of spritual growth. Give yourself a gift with a reiki session with wendy” –robert g. Each reiki practice assignment deepens your understanding of how reiki heals animals, and how animals respond to treatment.

And my will's fiery energy. The perceived stress scale tool was administered prior to the reiki i class and after three weeks of practicing self-reiki. ·         create abundance for self and others . Primary used for the regulation and balancing of one’s mental and emotional energy domains, sei he ki is extremely applicable to any situation that requires healing for traumatic experiences, negative emotional outbursts, and repressed/suppressed emotions. Stay tuned, and sign up for my newsletter so i can let you know when these things come out. Scared, shy, and reluctant to try a tantra massage. Malfunctioning of a single chakra results in malfunctioning of other chakras,. The mission of hope health care is to provide excellent individualized care to our patients, respond to their particular needs, exceed their expectations and provide a warm caring and welcoming environment. Incorporate it into your life and jewelry. When i took first degree reiki training in 1996, my teacher encouraged me not to read any books, but instead to devote my attention to practice.

She has spent four months traveling south east asia, including india, malaysia, indonesia and australia, learning some of their best practices for emotional well being and development. You probably do not realize it but you have been practicing a form of reiki all your life. There can be proper healing process followed at different levels and energy is channelized to positive mode with reiki therapy. Go now, and say that the sin of impurity is but a. It also may reduce anxiety, improve sleep and simply help people feel better so they make healthier decisions, miles says. Each area in the body may perceive the energy in different ways.

  with the laying on of hands, and training as to where to lay the hands, reiki gives the body’s energy field the chance to overcome its disruptions. "i'd felt so rudderless for so long, having a reason to feel hopeful was enough for me to set aside my more rational, cynical self. Feel its power and the strength it has had over. The best way to help these skeptical people understand reiki is for them to. Love languages, you ask, “what is that. How horse might behave after the energy treatment.

In this art of healing you will learn how to awaken your consciousness, calm your mind and open your heart for the reiki energy to flow through you. Facial hole for a relaxed position resting her head without putting strain on the neck. An email from cloud's owner janet. Protect the garage door in place. With more than 15 years of experience, ms. We have the tantric square mandala, and the vertical component creates a cosmic cube. How much will you earn after tax if you earn 14k. Before asking for the thing.

Concerning the ethics and practicalities of setting up your own reiki practice. Reiki healing centre and other important tips related to the business. The shamanic solution is for the healer to journey to the lower world to retrieve the individual’s power animal. Reiki healing is a powerful way to restore harmony and balance to your life and in your relationships with others. Requires 4 aa batteries (not supplied). Do the tera mai overlords have antennae that pick up whether your energy system has been sullied by unclean attunements (like usui reiki for example). The reiki teachers i have trained have the option to come to.

This transformational healing and balancing may be done with, or without an astrological chart. 1) just for today, i will not be angry. If you have a medical or psychological condition please be sure you are receiving help from a qualified medical professional. The master's message no longer was about connecting with god. This connects your brain to your heart, which is a great way to start meditating. I don't dare guess; i just feel grateful for the deep, soothing breaths and the way my body seemed to unclench itself -- two steps forward on the long road toward healing.  there, i admitted it…i skip my feet. Pain or disease comes from any deviation from this ideal form and healing is to bring the physical/emotional/ mental/spiritual self into closer alignment with one's ideal. The hypothetical thief who fancies your computer decides that s/he could use some disks or membory as well. Once he went to kure, another time to hiroshima prefecture, then to saga prefecture and fukuyama.

There was something almost self-satisfied about it, stagnant behind the clouded glass. The key difference is to focus on your seven chakras using only the one reiki symbol that you feel you need. Is an excerpt from an article in the summer issue of the reiki. Value the unique opportunity to learn reiki in a small group via a course that has been specifically crafted for your joint adventure. Sprinkle rock salt in every corner of your house preferably for 24 hours. Thank you so, so much for all you work with dear princess.

A holistic remedial body technique that works on the soft connective tissue of the body. The workers used ropes that were wrapped around a guide that enabled them to pull away from the river while they were towing it onto the barge. Sometimes, sue sends me a text message asking me to send reiki to an animal or a situation. -dennis delamar, actor, director, and educator. Unconditional love and support is necessary for healing.

Reiki practitioners are initiated into reiki healing by a reiki master. Is after all} one and the same life force. Used to treat insomnia and nightmares. In other words, we have total power over our life and destiny. These are only a few of the many possibilities of a shamanic journey. Angela is dedicated to reiki support group in your loved ones wants or requests that may be for you. Perfect for those who don’t like western hands-on massage. Throughout the year, aim to take some time to add value to the world at large by supporting charities, standing up for great causes, or giving back to your community.

  it may help to rest your elbow on a table. When i started this site in 1997 to give thanks to the many in our healing community who helped me get through my own health challenges i had no idea how much positive interest it would generate. The treatment helped me with my sleep and my stress. I’m keen to share some of the healing wisdoms with you for shifting stagnant energy from our chakra’s for such things as feeling ungrounded, needing to express our emotions or feeling depressed. 12)    don’t play cassette of ". The practitioner can conduct a full reiki treatment on a person even if he or she is not present in the same room to receive the hands-on healing. Reiki homereiki videosreiki booksreiki classesreiki articleshow reiki can help with infertilitythe healing art of reikithe 4 levels of reiki trainingfind the right reiki master for you with these 10 easy tipsuse of breathing techniques in reikireiki timers.

I like you the way you think. And here for the birthday table. We recommend you play this music while you treat other people and yourself with reiki. How to explain reiki to clients. There is no such group as a good witch or a bad witch. As i have said, this process has been known for thousands of years. Padmacahaya headquarters are in jakarta.